Keep Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Off Your Balance Sheet with an Operational Lease

September 14, 2021

Acquiring new diagnostic imaging equipment for your facility is expensive. There’s no way around that simple fact. But instead of putting tons of hospital capital on the line, there’s a better route to take that will free up your balance sheet for other investments.

At AIMI, we take a unique approach to diagnostic imaging equipment. With an operational lease, we take on the burden of the investment while you just benefit from it! But unlike other leasing situations, the power stays in your hands, and all costs presented are actual. We’re focused on helping you succeed, not trying to trick you or lock you into a contract that’s prohibitive to your hospital or practice.

Benefits of an Operational Lease for Imaging Equipment

While leasing medical equipment has historically been considered the more expensive option because of interest incurred, we’re bringing you modern options that make sense for your budget and operations.

  • Operational - We lease it, you use it. We’ll make recommendations to maximize the use of the equipment for all parties involved.
  • Frees Capital - Instead of putting over one million dollars on the line for one piece of equipment, you can keep that capital free for other investments while still having access to top-of-the-line equipment.
  • Flexibility - With early buyout options, you can do what makes sense for your budget and your capital.
  • Cost-Effective - At the end of the lease term, you can elect to have AIMI take ownership of the equipment while you continue to use it at actual cost.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve - Major medical imaging manufacturers are coming out with upgrades so frequently, it can feel like a major challenge to provide your patients the best of the best. We can discuss adding provisions for upgrade options throughout the lease term for a minimal increase in the purchase price, or no change at all. This option gives you the confidence to choose the most advanced equipment without fear that it will become antiquated within a year.
  • Comprehensive Management - AIMI is not just a leasing company. We’re a full-service provider of managed diagnostic imaging services, which means we handle the day-to-day operational tasks, staffing of technicians, scheduling and transportation, and more.

Opportunities Throughout the Lease Term

The Associates in Medical Imaging team is made up of professionals with ample experience in the medical imaging industry. After years of seeing how others do it, we’ve all come together to provide health systems, hospitals, and physician practices with sensible, economical options for diagnostic imaging.

We never want you to feel “locked in” or trapped with equipment that’s not getting you results. With plenty of options throughout the lease term, the power stays in your hands while we are just here to serve you.

  • Early Buyout - You’ll have an early buyout option at a predetermined point in the lease term.
  • End of Term Purchase - If ownership isn’t in the cards for your facility, AIMI can take over ownership of the equipment while you continue to reap the benefits of low costs per exam.
  • Equipment Upgrade - At the end of the lease term, you’re left with several options, one being to renew the lease at a lower rate or choose a new piece of equipment. Leasing keeps your options open so you can get access to the latest and most advanced equipment.

Get Started with a Free Cost-Benefit Analysis

An operational lease puts the power in your hands and keeps the stress away from your finances. When you work with AIMI on your diagnostic imaging needs, there's an opportunity for significant cost savings over the life of our working relationship. And the more you use the equipment, the less you pay per exam.

Request a free cost-benefit analysis to get started!

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When you work with AIMI on your diagnostic imaging needs, there’s an opportunity for significant cost savings over the life of our working relationship. Answer the questions below and we’ll connect with you to discuss a customized analysis.

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