Computerized Tomography (CT) Operating Lease & Managed Services

With state-of-the-art Computerized Tomography (CT) technology from Associates in Medical Imaging, you can create pristine 3-D cross-sectional body imaging that will give your facility a boost in productivity and improved patient outcomes, all while staying within budgets that make sense for your facility.

CT technology is incredibly effective at producing accurate images of the areas where early signs of cancer commonly crop up, including soft tissues, blood vessels, lungs and more. The detailed images produced by these scans could eliminate the need for exploratory surgery. Plus, CT scans are often chosen over MRIs because of lower costs per scan, making this technology a must-have for your facility.

With top-of-the-line CT technology, you can produce high-resolution imaging that can help immensely in diagnosing cancer as early as possible—giving your organization an advantage in patient care. The addition of new CT equipment is possible for your facility, all at rates that make sense for you based on your size and location.

Streamline Operations and Lower Cost Per CT Scan

Affordable Rates

Offer your patients in-depth body imaging at affordable rates, with customizable options for in-house CT scanners that you can dedicate to your facility. Lower your rates even further with a shared mobile unit.

Advanced Technology

It’s easier than ever to diagnose trauma-related injuries quickly and treat those injuries with remarkable precision. Plus, our unique leasing model helps lower the cost per exam the more you use the equipment.

Streamlined Operations

AIMI not only provides the cutting-edge imaging technology, but we also handle the personnel, reporting, operations and maintenance of the equipment to ease the burden on you and your staff.

“Associates in Medical Imaging manages all aspects of the mobile project, including movement, staffing, maintenance and service specific financial reporting. We share our 3 mobile MRI assets with other non-affiliated hospitals nearby, enabling all parties to reap the benefits of lower costs and providing the latest technology.”

—Jeffrey Vossler, CFO at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital

Offer the Most Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in the Area


This powerful diagnostic tool produces detailed images to help your physicians diagnose problems accurately and quickly.

Digital Mammography/DEXA

Digital mammography allows you to store and analyze information using a computer in order to detect these irregular findings more accurately.


This imaging modality helps reveal how tissues and organs are functioning, and can sometimes detect disease before it shows up on other exams.

Comprehensive Management for Diagnostic Imaging

Group 10


You get the best diagnostic imaging equipment in a way that makes sense for your budget. Learn More

Group 11


We handle the recruiting, training, scheduling and supervision of all imaging personnel. Learn More

Group 8


We offer comprehensive performance reporting services like budgeting, invoicing and more. Learn More

Group 13


We lessen your burden by handling all day-to-day operations for mobile imaging equipment. Learn More

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