PET/CT Operating Lease & Managed Services

PET/CT is forecasted to be the largest growth sector of all medical diagnostic imaging. Experts predict PET/CT utilization to grow by an estimated 150% annually—making this technology essential for the growth of your organization.

Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET/CT) units perform both types of exams simultaneously, helping pinpoint abnormal metabolic activity. This revolutionary technology has the potential to lead to significantly earlier diagnoses of historically debilitating conditions such as cancer, heart disease and nervous system abnormalities, as well as to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Many healthcare facilities that aren’t currently offering PET/CT imaging services would like to be able to, but do not have the space, the capital or the personnel to run and manage it. Associates in Medical Imaging allows you to be able to offer the latest and best in diagnostic imaging to your patient population—at rates that make sense for your budget.

Access Advanced PET/CT Technology at Costs That Make Sense

AIMI gives hospitals and other healthcare facilities access to this advanced technology with no costly upfront capital investments. Work with us to:

Keep Costs Low

With AIMI’s unique leasing and management model, a PET/CT scanning unit running 160 procedures a month can provide diagnostic scans at the low cost of under $600 per procedure. This unrivaled price allows you to trim costs without sacrificing accuracy and quality patient care.

Streamline Operations

With new technology, there is always the reality that staff must be trained to operate more advanced units, creating stoppages in workflow. We oversee the scheduling, maintenance and repairs of the equipment so your staff can focus on patient care.

Keep Up with the Latest Technology

Advancements in PET/CT technology are frequent and hard to keep up with, considering the substantial investment required to acquire new equipment. But the most precise technology is necessary to allow your doctors to diagnose and treat disease confidently.

“As a Large Group Practice, we knew we were losing out on revenue on procedures and studies being referred out, such as imaging to other healthcare entities. However, we didn’t know how to close the loop on these services. Associates in Medical Imaging, LLC came along and opened our eyes to the possibilities of keeping our patients in our practice to provide the continuity of care they deserved. AIMI developed the plan through their strategic approach that produced real results for our practice.”

—Randy Heavner, MD - President of Mid-Ohio Valley Medical Group, Inc.

Offer the Most Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in the Area


This powerful diagnostic tool produces detailed images to help your physicians diagnose problems accurately and quickly.


CT is the first line imaging modality when attempting to diagnose conditions that patients present with to their physicians.

Digital Mammography/DEXA

Digital mammography allows you to store and analyze information using a computer in order to detect these irregular findings more accurately.

Comprehensive Management for Diagnostic Imaging

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