Diagnostic Imaging FAQs

AIMI’s unique business model and financial structure makes us unparalleled in the industry, but also prompts many questions. We’ve provided answers to our most frequently asked questions about our diagnostic imaging managed services below.

Will I need to hire and train staff to manage the imaging equipment?

We hire and train our own licensed imaging technologists to manage the equipment and take the burden off of you and your staff. No more worrying about getting technologist approval! However, your facility certainly has the opportunity to provide staffing.

How can I minimize costs as much as possible for diagnostic imaging services?

Our company prides itself on maximizing the productivity of the imaging equipment with precise scheduling and route management, ultimately resulting in a low cost per exam.

What locations do you serve with diagnostic imaging managed services?

We don’t have any location limitations on our services within the continental U.S. Contact us for inquiries on services in specific locations.

Will I need to do any sort of maintenance or upkeep on imaging equipment?

Our team members do all the work for your diagnostic imaging units. We schedule routine maintenance to keep your machines running smoothly, and if any problems arise in-house, we’ll arrange a maintenance technician to get your facility back on track—helping you minimize downtime and maximize revenue.

Are there unexpected costs that I won’t be able to prepare for?

When you work with AIMI, all costs procured are actual. We provide annual budgets and monthly financial statements detailing every cost that you can expect (both monthly and YTD), with actual-to-budget comparisons. And with statistics for cost per day, per month, and per procedure, you’ll be able to forecast exactly what you’ll pay each month—with no surprises.

What’s the difference between your services and buying the equipment on my own?

By working with us to lease equipment rather than purchasing it outright, you won’t need to manage the debt that comes with owning these units. We shoulder it for you with an operational lease that offers various purchase options throughout the lease term. Please contact us to learn more about these options.

Costs are actual, which means you’re only spending money for the time that the equipment is used, maximizing your investment.

How quickly can I expect to have access to my new imaging equipment?

Once you tell us what you need and your equipment order is placed, you can expect to have it up, running and accessible to you in roughly 14 to 16 weeks. Of course, there are always exceptions, but we will be in constant communication with you regarding the timeline.

In terms of ongoing access after the equipment has been configured, scheduling and route changes can be made at any time based on demand.

If I share a mobile unit with other local hospitals, how can I ensure the imaging equipment will stay on schedule?

We outline routes at the start of each month to make sure that equipment is maximized for all locations involved in a shared setup. We take each of the hospitals’ priorities into consideration so we can meet everyone’s needs as best as possible. Scheduling/route changes can be made at any time at your discretion.

We also maintain transportation logs and schedule drivers in adherence to Department of Transportation regulations to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Learn more about our operations.

Can AIMI help me expand my service footprint?

We strive to make the most advanced imaging equipment available to facilities of all sizes. Whether you’re a small hospital that wants to be able to accommodate more patients, or a large health system trying to introduce certain imaging modalities across satellite locations, we have a solution for you. Getting all of your locations, or other small hospitals in the area, to share in the costs of imaging equipment allows for more facilities to reap the benefits.

Have Additional Questions?

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about managed diagnostic imaging services from AIMI.