Diagnostic Imaging Managed Services for Small Hospitals

Many small hospitals are currently working with diagnostic imaging vendors who are reducing their days and times of service to the point where they cannot provide timely service to their patients. If you don’t currently have a vendor, you’re likely working with antiquated equipment, struggling to keep up with demand or just unable to offer certain imaging modalities. Do either of these situations resonate with your hospital?

Working with AIMI allows you to obtain expanded days and times of equipment operation, newer imaging equipment and a reasonable price per exam.

We make recommendations for the efficient utilization of diagnostic imaging equipment via a mobile or fixed imaging model, with the ultimate goals of:

  • Lowering cost per exam
  • Increasing availability of equipment
  • Expanding your service footprint
  • Making the most advanced technology available to you and your community

Advanced Imaging Equipment Made Available to Hospitals of All Sizes and Locations

Working with AIMI allows you to get the advanced imaging technology that your hospital needs in a way that makes sense for your budget. Plus, patients in remote areas can now have access to the best care possible—right where they are.

Diagnostic Imaging to Suit Provider and Patient Needs

We’ll work with you to determine the best Managed Services model for your health system based on the size, location and demand of your facilities.

Mobile Imaging for Small Hospitals

The basis of our shared model is that the more you use the imaging equipment, the less you pay per exam. We’ll get other small hospitals in the area involved in this model to drive cost per exam down for everyone involved, while shouldering the management of the equipment, personnel and operations.

Fixed Imaging for Small Hospitals

If you’re looking to expand or upgrade your imaging technology in-house but lack the hospital capital to do so (or just prefer not to purchase outright), that’s where we come in. An operational lease gives you complete power over and access to the imaging equipment with potential for off-balance-sheet financing.

Why Choose Associates in Medical Imaging?

“Associates in Medical Imaging manages all aspects of the mobile project, including movement, staffing, maintenance and service specific financial reporting. We share our 3 mobile MRI assets with other non-affiliated hospitals nearby, enabling all parties to reap the benefits of lower costs and providing the latest technology.”

—Jeffrey Vossler, CFO at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital

Request a Customized Cost-Benefit Analysis

When you work with AIMI on your diagnostic imaging needs, there’s an opportunity for significant cost savings over the life of our working relationship. Answer the questions below and we’ll connect with you to discuss a customized analysis.

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Small Hospitals Expand Their Footprints with Diagnostic Imaging

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