Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

When you work with AIMI, you participate in selecting the latest and most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment paired with our comprehensive management of personnel, transportation, accounting, operations, and repairs and maintenance.

Whether you are a small, rural hospital or a large healthcare system, you should have equal access and opportunity to take advantage of the best in diagnostic imaging equipment. It’s our goal to make it available to you in a way that makes sense for your operations and budget.

Operating Lease: We Own It, You Get the Benefits

We shoulder the financing of the equipment and take on the financial burden of acquiring new equipment while you decide the term commitment, giving you complete control of the assets and configurations with no requirements for hospital capital to be used. We have several options to ultimately transfer the title of the equipment to the facility.

“This model has allowed my hospital to experience an upgrade in technology with the access my physician’s expect with an ever decreasing cost as volume grows. Everybody wins, my hospital, the physicians’ and most importantly our community.”

—Stephen L Meredith, CEO

Diagnostic Imaging Modalities

Comprehensive Imaging Equipment Management

Group 11


We can offer you advanced imaging equipment as well as the right people to run it. We handle the recruiting, training, scheduling and supervision of all imaging personnel. Learn More

Group 8


Detailed annual budgets are prepared and monthly financial statements are provided detailing every cost incurred both monthly and year-to-date. Learn More

Group 13


We aim to lessen the burden on your staff, meaning we handle all operations tasks for mobile medical imaging equipment, including scheduling, QA, route management and transportation. Learn More

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We offer quality, expert maintenance in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications to ensure your equipment is always ready to operate.

Diagnostic Imaging to Suit Provider and Patient Needs

We’ll work with you to determine the best Managed Services model for your organization based on your facility size, location and demand.

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