Streamlined Operations with Diagnostic Imaging Managed Services

Our mission is to deliver creative diagnostic imaging solutions and tangible results for healthcare organizations using a strategic business advisory approach. Our main goal is to allow you to expand your offerings and introduce new technology into your medical footprint without having to take on a significant investment of time and resources.

Our comprehensive diagnostic imaging services include various operational tasks to be handled by experts under our management and supervision.

Comprehensive Services to Streamline Operations

Site Scheduling

We make recommendations for the efficient utilization of imaging equipment. You ultimately have the final right to determine the schedule for equipment with regard to days and times of service. In order to promote the efficient utilization of imaging equipment in a shared model, we will make route schedule change recommendations based upon changing volume levels at the participating imaging locations.

Quality Assurance

We develop a quality control plan for each modality in accordance with industry standards. We will consult with Radiology Services Department Administrative personnel during the development and implementation of the quality assurance program. Each quality assurance program shall include monitoring protocols for technologist care components.

Route Management

Route organization, set-up and initiation consist of meetings with appropriate hospital personnel to review and finalize the business plan and route schedules, determine equipment specifications and make recommendations to maximize the efficient use of the imaging equipment.


We coordinate the transportation of the mobile imaging equipment between participating hospitals in conjunction with an agreed-upon site schedule. In addition, we maintain transportation logs and schedule drivers in adherence with Department of Transportation regulations.

“This model has allowed my hospital to experience an upgrade in technology with the access my physician’s expect with an ever decreasing cost as volume grows. Everybody wins, my hospital, the physicians’ and most importantly our community.”

—Stephen L Meredith, CEO

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Paired with Comprehensive Management

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