What Rapid Growth in the Mobile Imaging Services Market Means for Your Organization

September 1, 2023

Mobile imaging is a huge—and growing—industry. Already worth more than $1.5 billion globally in 2016, this is a market that is poised to grow rapidly in the years to come. We’d like to break down what it is about mobile imaging that makes it so valuable to healthcare organizations, and why you should take a close look at the pros of implementing mobile imaging as part of your operations.

Why is Mobile Imaging So Popular?

The key driver in the growth of mobile imaging is the improvement in patient care. Of course, this should always be the main driver of change in the healthcare industry, as improving patient outcomes is the name of the game. With mobile imaging available, patient care can be improved in many ways...

  • It’s Mobile - Like most things today, there’s a mobile or on-the-go version of diagnostic imaging—and people want it. In an increasingly digital, fast-paced culture, people want you to meet them where they’re at, and they certainly don’t want to drive an hour for an imaging exam.
  • Speedy Processing - Waiting days for imaging results is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Using mobile imaging equipment to get prompt results allows doctors to create a treatment plan more quickly, which should in turn enable patients to begin their recovery on a faster timeline.
  • Fewer Hassles - Many patients know the frustration that comes along with having to wait long periods of time to have a scan performed. Those waits can happen at an imaging department within the facility, or at a third-party provider that has to be visited separately. Mobile imaging is easier to scale and can be adjusted regularly to meet the changing demands of a given facility.

Simply put, mobile imaging has the power to dramatically improve the patient experience, both in terms of health outcomes and in terms of convenience. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that the trend toward mobile imaging equipment shows no sign of slowing down.

The Competitive Side of the Equation

It’s pretty easy to understand the benefits of mobile imaging and why it has quickly gained a notable place in the healthcare field. And, with the constant improvements in technology that take place year after year, it’s also easy to see how these machines will keep getting better and better—only furthering their advantage over traditional equipment.

While offering a great patient experience is first and foremost for a healthcare facility, there is also the competitive aspect of mobile imaging to consider. In other words, there is the risk of falling behind the competition if other facilities in your area adopt mobile imaging while you stick with traditional methods.

How can mobile imaging give you a leg up?

  • Off-Balance-Sheet-Financing - At AIMI, we finance your equipment through an operational lease, giving you the control without taking away the capital.
  • Opportunity for Expansion - Cover a greater service area by taking your equipment on the go. If you have multiple locations, they can all benefit from the same advanced technology.
  • Better Patient Outcomes - If you want your facility’s name at the top of the list for patient care in your area, mobile imaging will allow you to expand your service area and provide more local, convenient diagnostics for patients.
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies - By investing in one capital item that you can share among various locations, you’re reducing the cost for all locations involved while also improving efficiency.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a managed mobile imaging provider.

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