Struggling to Get Radiologic Technologist (Rad Tech) Approval? Here’s Your Solution!

October 29, 2023

Diagnostic imaging is one of the best methods that medical practices, hospitals and health care professionals can utilize to diagnose and treat their patients. However, finding licensed and experienced radiologic technologists (rad techs) is becoming increasingly difficult.

Why Trust AIMI’s Radiologic Technologists?

Hiring has never been an easy process. However, after medical professionals weathered the COVID-19 crisis, it has become increasingly difficult to find licensed and qualified medical professionals for any position. Finding radiologic technologists can be an even larger struggle. Although rad techs make up the third largest group of healthcare professionals, the demand for them is at an all-time high because of their utility to any healthcare organization.

The stresses on the radiological technician positions across the country, we also know that issues have stressed every level of the healthcare industry. Instead of adding additional burden to your staff, let the Associates in Medical Imaging team work closely with you to understand your needs and provide the talented professionals required to run your equipment.

Rad Techs Approved

Our comprehensive imaging services include supplying the technologists to pair with your advanced imaging equipment. While we’re not a technologist staffing agency, we do all the legwork to find qualified and approved rad techs to perform your imaging exams.

We work in the background to find potential candidates, review their qualifications, check their references and even provide ongoing training and supervision. This level of care ensures that when we provide you with imaging equipment, the staff that arrives comes prepared to work and help take care of the patients in your community.

Staff Supervision

Additionally, we also handle all of the supervision required for these positions. Our supervisors work intimately within the field, so they have an eye for exceptional talent. Supervisors also make recommendations for merit-based increases to help identify team members who rise above the standard.

We also work closely with your team to ensure that needed changes are made to help your facility provide the highest level of care possible. If the need arises for additional personnel or backup staffing, AIMI has you covered.

AIMI’s Diagnostic Imaging Managed Services

From our initial conversation through completing your hiring process, we are dedicated to finding out how your facility functions and how our staff can best assist you. We work with our clients to calculate the size, current caseload and potential length of employment to get the right candidates on your side.

All of our staff are thoroughly trained and ready to hit the ground running. That means their education, credentials and continuing education requirements are all up-to-date. Many of our clients find that our experienced staff can help them increase the quality of care due to their depth of knowledge and professional bedside manner with patients.

Our Goals for Every Client

While we understand that having qualified staff is one of the most crucial aspects of running your practice or organization, we don’t just stop there. Our approach is to help our clients change their relationship with medical imaging. Some of the most important things that we focus on are:

  • Lowering costs
  • Reducing backlogs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Expanding and improving diagnostic capabilities

Take the First Step with AIMI

If your radiology department is struggling, or you want to explore a more cost-effective solution for your imaging needs, you can benefit from working with a managed services provider like AIMI. When you work with us, the cost savings are undeniable! Start by requesting a free cost-benefit analysis today.

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