Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services Tailored to Your Organization

Mobile imaging companies can be unreliable and slow in communication, and they’ll charge you a hefty markup for using their equipment. Third-party fixed imaging facilities can be a hassle to book, and they typically build rent and other office overhead into their pricing models.

AIMI puts the power in your hands by offering leased mobile equipment or the option to share a lease with a few other hospitals or smaller practices. That way, you can effectively pay yourself for the same service those vendors are offering—all without putting large sums of hospital capital on the line.

Move your imaging equipment to another part of your facility, or entirely off-site. Mobile diagnostic imaging offers you the flexibility to accommodate patients where and when you need to, expanding your service footprint and branching out into new markets.

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Upgrade Offerings without a Significant Upfront Investment

By engaging with AIMI, you’ll get a method of off-balance-sheet financing for cutting-edge mobile diagnostic imaging equipment.

Expand Your Service Footprint Into New Markets

Mobile diagnostic imaging allows you to expand your service footprint into new markets and offer imaging services where you haven’t previously been able to.

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Reduce Stress Knowing Your Imaging Needs are in Experienced Hands

We pair advanced mobile diagnostic imaging equipment with comprehensive management of personnel, transportation, operations, repairs and maintenance.

Increase Capture Rate and Referrals

The combination of advanced mobile imaging technology and managed services allows you to increase capture rate and take on more referrals.

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“This model has allowed my hospital to experience an upgrade in technology with the access my physician’s expect with an ever decreasing cost as volume grows. Everybody wins, my hospital, the physicians’ and most importantly our community.”

—CEO of Regional Medical Center

Most Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Technology Made Accessible to All

We’re erasing the limitations associated with purchasing and managing your own imaging equipment so you can provide more efficient, cost-effective, and quality care.

All of Your Diagnostic Imaging Needs Are Covered

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